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Welcome to Haryana Online Building Plan Approval System (HOBPAS). As a basic requirement, a USER REGISTRATION is mandatory for all users. User Registration means capturing data about yourself to identify you in the system. User Registration is done with a basic KYC to generate a “User Name” and “Password” and make the users part of the system.

A Registered User can be an APPLICANT OR a TECHNICAL PERSON. A Technical Person, providing his/her services to the APPLICANT in terms of design, architectural services, structural, supervision etc. Once your common “LOGIN” credentials are received by you, you may use the same to LOGIN and continue further to REGISTER yourself as a Technical Person. Instructions for the same are provided in the subsequent pages of the System.

HSIIDC Allottees are requested to apply from for the building plan approval.

Plot Owners of Industrial and Commercial plots for all departments (DTCP, DULB, HSIIDC) are requested to apply from for the building plan approval.
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    Note :- Dont open the HOBPAS application in different tabs of the same browser. This can reflect as errors in your submitted applications.
    12/5/2019 11:01:18 AM